27 February 2003
An update from Eric Peterson:

Hello fans!

Latest news regarding the European 'No Mercy Festival' we are about to embark on in April. Due to Jon Allen's personal family issues, he will not be able to participate in the tour at this time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Filling in on this tour and possibly more will be Asgeir Mickelson from the bands BORKNAGAR, SPIRAL ARCHITECT and VINTERSORG. Asgeir is a long time TESTAMENT fan and is ready to tear some shit up with us! Hails to Asgeir!

In other news...

We are in heavy writing mode and are demo-ing up songs, so far about seven have been born! All I can say that it's in "The Gathering" and old school thrash vein! We will finish up early summer, and record hopefully in early fall. In between all of this, we will be on the road here and there, once again to get our vibe back. More later! See ya on tour!